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After having reviewed during my previous test, the NiSi Filter system 100mm V3 (in french), I'm recently in possession of the last NiSi 100mm Filter Holder Kit V5.

In preamble just before starting,a bit of background.

At the time of the discussions with the marketing and sales department of NiSi, the V3 version was the latest version but just after the reception of the previous kit they had informed me that a new version had just left…

Even if this version became obsolete, I had decided as envisaged to speak about it during the review of the others products (ND/GND filters,accessories) which accompanied the V3 filter holder kit.

After having posted on the blog, I received some good news from the NiSi commercial service in China which informs me that they'll send me the new kit.

Here's the link where you can buy this : Kit Porte Filtre NiSi V5 System 100x100m.

Now it's time to see the contents in pictures & videos with as usual my positive and negative points at the end of the review.

Presentation of the NiSi Filter Holder System V5

A note (in English) is also include. It 's rather well documented to understand the use and the installation of the various accessories which compose the kit.

After opening the hard-bound packing, you can find the "simili" leather holder case containing the whole of the kit.

The holder carry case is closed by using a magnetized front flap, it can be worn on the belt with a belt loop round to the back.

The interior of the holder case is constituted of three compartments to be able to accommodate the various components.

Here's now a bit more in details about contents of this kit.

NiSi 100mm System Holder V5

NiSi 100mm Aluminium Filter Holder with a matte black frosted finish on the surface

With the sliding guides already assembled on the filter holder, it can accommodate three filters. You can use filters with the format of 100mm x100mm, or 150mmx100mm.

The system is made with a trigger on the side to be able to clip on the main adaptor ring.

82mm Main adaptor ring

Aluminium adaptor ring is made with a metal thread which can accommodate the polarizing filter.

Two serrated wheel on each side allows you to rotate the circular polarizer filter when this one is mounted on the main adaptor ring.

82mm Circular Polarizer Filter Pro C-PL

Circular Polarizer filter Pro C-PL.

Because of his size “Ultra Thin”, you've the ability to use 3 x 100mm filters with the circular polarizing filter on without vignetting issues.

Adaptor Rings "wide angle" (67mm-72mm-77mm)

Three aluminium adaptor rings for most wide-angle lens (67mm-72mm-77mm). 

Installation of the NiSi 100mm System Holder V5

A big thank you to Benoit Malaussena for these shots taken on location

My positive points:

A good complete kit to begin the use of ND filters

The quality of manufacturing of the holder filter (made from aluminium)

Holder System filter accepting the filters of other brands like Lee, Singh Ray,… etc. A real advantage

Flexibility of the guides during the positioning of the filters, adjustable tightness if necessary

No vignetting issues even with wide angle lenses such as mine (Canon EF 17-40mm) or the Canon EF 16-35mm

The system of serrated rollers integrated into the main ring adaptor to make turn the circular polarizer filter

Facility of installation and use

Improvement compared to the V.3 version:

- The trigger is much better positioned 

- The better quality of the polarizer filter than the previous one

- A better packaging, sober and unfussy

- A well divided filter holder case

My negative points:

The holder case in practice during outdoor session (a better solution below)

As always no soft and water-resistant outer fabric case like Lowepro or the new field pouch from Lee

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